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  • Updated on: February 23rd, 2024


What is CougarLife?

The Cougar Life website has been a popular dating site since it splashed into the online dating pool in 2006. The platform caters to women ages 35 years old and over who wish to match with younger men and to those young men seeking mature women. Here, users can find casual hook-ups, long-lasting relationships, and flirty online exchanges.

What Is CougarLife

Owned by the same company that founded and operates, this site has had over 7 million registered users since its launch and continues to grow each year. With so many registered users, is CougarLife proof that love has no age limit?

CougarLife Sign-up Process

New users must provide a valid email address to sign up for the platform. As many reviews make mention, you’ll have to validate your email address before having access to browse the site. After submitting at least one profile photo, users are then asked a few questions to paint a better picture of their appearance and situation.

Answers to some of the questions asked will inform other users of your age, location, height, hair color, eye color, and body type. As soon as this information is given and the provided email address is verified, new members are free to browse. Just as mentioned in many other Cougar dating site reviews, sign-up takes less than 5 minutes, but if new users want to have success finding matches, it’s advised that you revisit your profile to add more information and photos.

CougarLife Website Design & Usability

CougarLife is a modern dating platform with a clean layout. This easy-to-navigate dating site has fun and playful theme colors of electric pink and blue, which many Cougars dating website reviews agree, give it a young vibe.

Once logged in, you’ll arrive at a homepage that displays possible matches in your area. The site houses quick access to your dashboard, profile, and messages on the menu bar at the top right of the home page. Users can also use the search engine that allows them to find possible matches using filters for their preferred body type, hair color, eye color, etc.

CougarLife Profile Quality

Despite the requests for information to be shared, many profiles lack information on the person, their interests, and the type of relationship they seek. There are many profiles that give little more info than the answers to questions about appearance and often only share one photo. But for every 4 or so less than stellar profiles, there’s a blazing sun. Despite what a prior CougarLife com review may have led you to believe, there are top-quality profiles to be found if you have some time to spare.

CougarLife Profile Quality

Many of the better-quality profiles on this site include both a public photo gallery and a private gallery. The private gallery often has user photos that are a bit racier than you would expect to find on other dating websites.

CougarLife Features

The private photo galleries we just mentioned are a paid feature of the site. After paying for  CougerLife membership, you are free to browse thousands of private photo galleries. Of course, there are other benefits to be had from a paid membership on this site.

As mentioned in just about any Cougar dating app review that you may have come across, paid membership gives you access to limitless messages and chats with other members. Premium site members also have priority in another user's inbox. It’s always possible that there are others after the same girl, and it puts users at an advantage to have their messages placed at the top of the receiver's inbox. Premium membership holders can also send a variety of virtual gifts to someone of their choosing, perhaps to show appreciation or simply to become more visible. The “Find a Date” feature helps to find real-life meet-ups on any particular day. Users can share their availability, and if someone is free to meet up at the same time, they can send a message and request to meet up.

CougarLife Features

Free features of CougarLife include the use of the site’s extensive search engine and the ability to browse profiles and public photo galleries.

Other features of the site include a blog, where members can keep up to date with site changes like new features, tips and guides for successful dating, and even exclusive content. The site also hosts an active forum free to all members.

Cougar Life App Review

Many new users find themselves asking, “Is Cougar dating app legit?^as soon as they realize that the platform's app costs $5 to download. Although not a big fee, many competing dating sites offer their app for free, so it’s reasonable to ask whether the price of the CougarLife app is fair.

However, as any other Cougar app review can attest to, being able conveniently to keep conversations going when you are on the move is definitely worth the price. The app works without any glitches and gives you all the same features as the browser version of the site.

Memberships and Payment Methods

General CougarLife memberships are free of charge. This includes registration, the creation of a profile, and the ability to browse other profiles and public photo galleries. Users with z free membership may also put the site’s search engine to work to help them sort out their best matches.

If a user wants access to one of the paid features mentioned above (unlimited chats, messages, and the ability to unlock private photo galleries and send virtual gifts), they’ll have to pay for a Premium membership.

Premium memberships are available by the month or as a 6 or twelve-month subscription.

One month of Premium memberships starts at $40. If a user subscribes to a six-month membership, their monthly subscription goes down to $29 a month, and a 12-month subscription is just $12 a month.

No matter what subscription a user signs up for, they can pay using a major credit card, such as Visa or Mastercard, or pay using their Paypal account.

CougarLife Safety

The safety of your private data is always of great importance when using any site, let alone a dating site. As stated in a different CougarLife dating review, the platform is SSL encrypted, which means that even if hackers made their way onto the site and tried to take hold of data, the data would be illegible and absolutely useless.

Another method the site uses to ensure a safe and enjoyable online dating experience for its users is employing a 24/7 Customer Support Service. If users encounter problems with others or report suspicious or inappropriate behavior, the Customer Support team will swiftly look into the matter. Users who do not follow the site rules that you must agree upon before browsing will be banned from the platform.

Is CougarLife Worth it?

Across the internet, CougarLife average ratings (3.5 to 4 stars out of 5), which, believe it or not, is a telling sign for a quality dating site. The site has a disproportionate ratio of men to women, but regardless of this fact, there are still plenty of women to connect with. Although many profiles lack a good deal of information, there are plenty that makes for a great browsing experience.

Is CougarLife Worth it?

The features are pretty basic, especially if users don’t subscribe to a premium membership. However, if a user decides to take on a Premium Membership, they will have everything they need to build relationships over the site and make matches to meet up with in real life.

All in all, the website is well-run and safe and pulls in a good amount of new users every month, which helps to keep things fresh. So, If you’re looking for a Cougar or a woman out looking for her Cub, CougarLife is a dating platform that will help you find all that you’re looking for.


Is registration for CougarLife free?

Yes, all new members are able to sign-up for CougarLife free of charge, with no credit cards needed.

Is CougarLife a legit dating website?

CougarLife is a popular dating website that has been operating for over 16 years and boasts over 700,000 members. The site vows never to sell your data, uses SSL encryption, and employs a 24/7 customer support team.

How much is a CougarLife Premium Membership?

Premium Memberships for start at $40 if you choose to go month to month. The price of this membership goes down according to the length of the subscription. 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions are available.

Can I pay for my CougarLife Premium Membership with cryptocurrency?

At this moment, CougarLife only accepts payments via major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard and via Paypal.

Who owns CougarLife?

CougarLife is owned by Ruby, a company known for running niche dating websites such as and Established Men.

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