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  • Updated on: June 01st, 2024


The number of dating sites available to find a hookup, swing session or long-term relationship is growing incredibly fast, along with websites that review them. If you’re considering signing up for a new dating app, it’s worth getting a variety of perspectives on whether or not it’s legitimate, and what exactly to expect once you register.

The Dating Gal dating reviews are unique because the writer dives deep beyond the surface to provide her incredibly detailed, honest perspective on registering for each site, the different features available, how each app stands out against others in the same niche, and more.


So what can you expect from

Pros and Cons of The Dating Gal site

Here are pros and cons if you’re looking to use The Dating Gal for trustworthy reviews:


✔️Tries a variety of sites in different niches

✔️Gives you full walkthrough of sign up process

✔️Tries both free and paid versions

✔️Highlights what makes dating site stand apart


✖️Writer is of a younger demographic

✖️Perspective is from big city dating vs. lesser populated cities

✖️The website is fairly new

✖️Slow to get new reviews since they are covered extensively.

What is The Dating Gal?


The Dating Gal is a dating reviews website written by a NYC-based woman in her 20s that covers a variety of dating niches. It was originally started to assess each dating site’s legitimacy and experience for other women, however it’s since grown into analyzing dating apps overall for any singles or couples who are interested in signing up to find a hookup, casual sex or a serious relationship.’s dating reviews are incredibly detailed and thorough to walk you through her experience from start to finish.

What Sets The Dating Gal Apart?

The Dating Gal is focused on detailed, informative, and trustworthy reviews. The main goal is providing readers with exactly what to expect if they’re interested in signing up for a particular dating app, rather than writing generally about it from a fluffy, outside perspective.

She finds new dating sites through a combination of her own research and recommendations from friends to make sure the newest dating sites are being included, like #Open and Boo. The Dating Gal also doesn’t shy away from dating apps like BDSM or kink based ones, and embraces that she’s newer to some of these worlds and exploring them.

Who Will Benefit from The Dating Gal’s Reviews?

A variety of people will benefit from The Dating Gal’s reviews, as she covers a number of different sites old, new and across different niches. So who exactly should check out The Dating Gal?

  • Singles or couples who are curious about different types of dating niches.
  • Singles looking to find hookups and casual sex.
  • Singles looking to find long-term relationships.
  • Singles curious about sugar dating – either as a sugar baby or sugary daddy/mama.
  • Someone who is curious about the full sign up process and what kinds of information they’re required to share in order to use the platform.
  • Someone who wants to know whether or not there are spam profiles/bots immediately upon signing up.
  • Someone who wants to know how the paid version works before spending money on it.

From our perspective, everyone can benefit from the information covered by The Dating Gal.

What Dating Niches Does Cover?

When looking at The Dating Gal’s site, a number of niches have been covered so far. Right now, you can find dating reviews in the following categories:

  • Hookup sites
  • LGBTQ+ sites
  • Sites for gamers
  • Long-term / serious dating apps
  • Sugar daddy/baby sites
  • Fetish/BDSM sites

The site is continuously expanding into other types of dating sites as well.

What Upcoming Dating Niches Will The Dating Gal Review?

From the homepage, these are the additional niches to be reviewed, however, may be subject to change as she explores different types of sites:

  • Swingers
  • Cougar dating
  • Geek & nerds
  • Fitness
  • Wealthy dating
  • Dating for widows
  • Single parents
  • Seniors

What Does The Dating Gal Cover In Reviews?


The Dating Gal follows mostly the same format for dating reviews, but some do differ. In general, the writer covers,

  • What the dating site is and who it’s best for
  • How the app works once you sign up
  • A high level of first impressions and frequently asked questions
  • A step-by-step of the full registration process with screenshots
  • If there is a mobile app available
  • Whether or not it’s legitimate
  • Search filters that are available
  • Free account features
  • Paid account cost and features
  • What the main feed looks like and includes
  • Pros and cons
  • What sets the site apart from others

Let’s delve deeper into some of the main sections.

Step-By-Step Screenshots of Sign Up Process


The Dating Gal does an extensive job of covering the registration process for each dating site she reviews. Each review includes a numbered step-by-step list and screenshots of every step when registering from start to finish. This is great because you’ll know how much time you’re going to spend when you sit down to find a date or hookup.

You’ll also be able to know exactly what you can sign up with (phone, email, Google, FB, etc). Sometimes she goes through a sign up flow with 10+ screens, which shows dedication in making sure you have all the info you need to confidently register.

This will also help you know whether or not the site requires a certain number of photos to sign up, which is important if you’re only comfortable with one to start.

A High Level Overview


The Dating Gal also gives a quick, high-level overview called “TL;DR” to share key pieces of information and her initial thoughts upon signing up. While it varies per review, she covers her first impressions and answers common questions like the process for deleting your account, whether or not it’s a free dating app, if it has a mobile app, and more.

If you’re someone who likes to skim initially, the high level overview will provide you with a good baseline of information about the site.

Assessing The Site’s Legitimacy


If you’re wondering whether or not a dating site is legit to use, The Dating Gal includes her opinion from both her own research, experience, and other people’s as well. Additionally, she covers if a dating site has verification options to prevent spam accounts from signing up and getting approved, if she identifies spam or fake accounts when using the platform, and any other notable items.

Features and Cost Overview


The Dating Gal goes in depth on both the free and paid account features so you’ll know exactly what you can try out before deciding if you need to sign up for a membership.

Also included is a breakdown of the price for each membership option, or the price of credits if that’s the model they’re using.

Pros and Cons


Pros and cons are covered extensively. The Dating Gal breaks down her honest opinion on where she thinks each dating app excels, and where it could see room for improvement. Given the variety of dating sites and niches that are reviewed, this is valuable insight to help someone determine which dating app may be right for them.

Search Functionality


If you’re wondering what the search filters and functionality are for each dating site, TDG gets screenshots of the search screen and walks through the majority of the search filters depending on how extensive they are.

You’ll quickly know whether a dating app you’re considering signing up for has basic search features that allow you to only connect on the surface, versus a more detailed, advanced search features around hobbies, characteristics, fetishes, kinks and more.

Is The Dating Gal A Worthwhile Review Site?

The Dating Gal is a refreshing take on dating sites across multiple niches. If you’re looking for a dating review site that shares a hands-on experience, screenshots, thorough research and details of what to expect on each site, will provide that.



Who is The Dating Gal for? is a great dating reviews site for anyone looking to explore different kinds of platforms, from casual hookups to long-term relationships.

Is The Dating Gal free to use?

Yes! The Dating Gal is free to browse and get an in-depth look at her reviews of various dating platforms.

Does The Dating Gal review apps for couples?

Yes, The Dating Gal covers a number of dating sites, including ones for couples or swingers.

Are The Dating Gal reviews only for women?

No, covers platforms for people of all genders.

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