HighReply Review - A Dating Platform Focused on Quality

  • Updated on: June 06th, 2024

Pros & Cons


  • Attractive design
  • In-depth profiles
  • Simple yet effective


  • Not many activities set up for community engagement

What is HighReply?

HighReply dating site is dedicated to quality profiles and platform activity. The site was created and is operated by a team of professionals in the online dating space for the past 20 years. This team understands what makes a quality profile and online dating experience and wanted to create a site that puts to work all of the knowledge collected over the years. 

The end result?

A very simple but effective dating platform filled with high-quality profiles.

On HighReply, users can find quality matches for casual or serious relationships.

Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process for the HighReply.com adult dating site is a tell-tale sign that you will find quality profiles inside.

New users will complete and respond to a short series of steps and questions.

To start, new users will be asked to create a user name, as well as create a login using their email address and unique password.

You will be asked to provide your birthdate and indicate your gender; man, woman, Trans, or indicate that you are a couple. Next, you will be asked to indicate what gender you are in search of, choosing from the same choice of gender given to you to identify with.

When indicating the age range of an ideal match, you will be given a scale to adjust that covers the ages of 18 to 100 years old.

Next, you must specify what you hope to get out of the website; meet others in person, find a serious relationship, or enjoy some online flirting.

Following this, you will have the choice to pick the questions you wish to answer about yourself. There are questions that help to demonstrate your personality, as well as the type of relationship you are looking for using questions like “Dinner and a movie, or all night rage?” and “What's your sexiest body part?”. You will also be asked to share a bit about your hobbies.

The very last step is to share at least one quality photo of yourself. Once this is complete, you are free to browse! You will immediately receive a message in your inbox from the site reminding you of the site’s rules.

HighReply Website Design & Usability

The interface is sleek and modern and uses an attractive theme color palette of royal purple with a color gradient that runs from egg blue to fuschia.

The layout is clean and simple. Upon entering the site, you will immediately be taken to the ‘Trending’ page, with site navigation located in a column on the left of the page.

On the navigation menu, you will find links to the ‘Match Game’, ‘Trending’ page, and Search, as well as your inbox and profile.

User Account & Profile Quality 

True to what the site claims is the intention of this dating site, the profile quality is top-notch, and it is obvious they work hard to keep them so.

The profiles provide a good look into a user's personality as well as photos, videos, and even voice-recorded responses to some of the questions provided by the site. 

Besides the quality of content found on the profiles, the photos and videos were refreshing as well - it’s obvious that this is a site full of real people, not bots or models.

HighReply Features

The High Reply casual dating site offers users a few different ways to connect.

Users can browse using filters and contact each other directly. There is also the ‘Trending’ page, where users can share photos and videos of themselves with the community. Other members are able to view, like, and comment on all of the shared content. 

There is also a ‘Match Game’ available where users will be presented with profile photos of those who match their search criteria and can swipe left if they are not interested in the photo or swipe right if they are.

Paid Features & Payment Methods

During our first few minutes on the site gathering information for this HighReply dating review, we were under the impression that the site was 100% free with minimal features.

Registration to the site is indeed free, as is access to all of the site’s basic features, but there are other features available to users with the use of credits. 

These credits allow users the possibility to buy real-life gifts that can be delivered directly to other users of their choice, enjoy 1-on-1 video chats, send photos, videos, and text messages, and see who has liked your profile. Credits can also be used to boost views on your profile.

Credits can be purchased in 3 different packages;

100 credits for $49 ($0.49 each)

2000 credits for $279 ($0.25 each)

500 credits  for $149 ($0.30 each)

You can see that the more you buy, the more you save, with the 2000 credit package giving a 49% discount on the standard coin price.

As opposed to a monthly subscription, a coin system allows users to spend money on features that they want to use when they want to use them. This is a great way to save, as you’re not obligated to dish out $30+ per month.

Security & Anti-Scam

As mentioned in other HighReply reviews, the team behind this site is known for taking member safety and security seriously. Unlike other dating sites, High Reply keeps your information confidential and does not claim ownership over the content you share on the site, so you can rest assured that your photos and videos will never be reused without your knowing.  

As is true with all community-based websites, there is always the risk of being scammed if you are to share your personal information with others. The team behind High Reply not only reminds users of this, but they are very vigilant in shutting down any suspicious behavior. 

It definitely helps that they are on top of profiles, constantly ensuring their quality. This makes it easier for them to spot anything that seems out of place. The team also has customer support in place for users to report any abusive or suspicious behavior caused by other community members.

Customer Service

If you look up a review of HighReply, you are sure to hear nothing but good things about the site’s customer service. This team provides outstanding customer support for all of their dating sites. 

If users have any questions or concerns, they are able to reach the Customer Support team by phone via a 1-800 number, by email, or through live chat directly on the site. All of the contact information is clearly presented on their contact page, which users can find by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

The Customer Support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and responds quickly. Additionally, the site also encourages users to leave feedback on their site experience and has created a ‘Send Feedback’ button on the contact page for you to do so.

Is HighReply Legit?

So what’s the overall take of this HighReply review? Is this site legit?

Absolutely! This site has all the makings of an excellent online dating experience. 

There are too many dating sites where profiles are left empty and you learn absolutely nothing about the person behind the profile. Many times, these profiles even lack a photo or a photo showing a member's face.

HighReply is focused on ensuring that when you are browsing for a match, you can actually learn a bit about them and what they look like before contacting them. No more wasting credits or limited daily messages on people you have absolutely nothing in common with. 

The profiles are engaging, share just enough for us to have an idea of someone's personality, and of course, they are accompanied by real, quality photos and videos, and the customer support team work round the clock to ensure it stays that way.

The coin system is refreshing as it allows you to use coins when and where you like them instead of committing to a monthly subscription for features that you are not using regularly. 

All of this, combined with the customer support and security measures that the team behind High Reply is known for, this is without a doubt a new dating website worth checking out for yourself.



How much is a HighReply Membership?

HighReply does not follow a monthly subscription model but allows users to buy credits to access certain features.

Is HighReply Free?

Registration and access to basic features are free to all members.

Is HighReply legit?

Yes, this dating website is dedicated to quality profiles and activity.

Is a credit card needed to sign-up

No credit card information is needed to register.

Is HighReply LGBTQ+ friendly?

Yes, all genders and gender preferences are welcomed on this site.

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