Spdate Review - Casual Dating for Adventurous Singles

  • Updated on: May 31st, 2024

Pros and Cons


  • Users have free access to most features
  • Spdate mobile app is available
  • Active community members


  • An overwhelming amount of ads
  • No live chat feature available

What is Spdate?

Spdate com is an online dating platform for singles who are all about fun and casual relationships. Whether you are looking for real-life hookups in your area or some flirty online chatting, SPdate claims to provide a space to fulfill your desires.

The platform offers access to a community of over 700,000 members, with the number of female members outweighing those of males.

But don’t get too excited by the audience size just yet. As you will find out throughout this review, the site utilizes a large number of bot profiles to bring the site to life.

Sign-Up Process

Signing up to become a member of the Spdate site is fast and easy. You will simply be asked to provide your name, age, gender, email address, and unique password. There is no need to verify your email. However, you will be asked to verify your age. In order to do this, you must provide a credit card in your name and submit a payment of $0.99. The $0.99 will be refunded to you within 7 days. You will also be presented with an offer for a discounted subscription and free 3-day trial of Pickup-guru.com.

Lifetime membership to the site is free, but you will also be presented with the option to buy a premium membership that gives you access to unlimited messaging and ensures visibility of your messages in other members' inboxes.

Spdate Design & Usability

The Spdate interface is modern and reminiscent of an online tech service or platform. The theme colors are black, white, gray, and blue, and easy on the eyes.

The layout is clutter free, with everything well categorized and easy to navigate. 

Spdate dating site users can browse through the site using the horizontal menu bar at the top of the page, which gives fast access to search, chat, messages, and the “Date “and “Flirt” features.

On the left side of the page, you will find a menu that gives direct access to every feature available.

User Account & Profile Quality

One thing mentioned in most Spdate com reviews is the site’s use of bot profiles. The Spdate team is very up-front about this activity and explains that the bots are put in place to increase platform activity. To avoid having community members that feel as if they have been duped, Spdate places badges for all users, including for bots that tell users that they are not speaking to a real person. 

If you join the site and are not sure whether you are speaking to a bot or not, take note;

  • Profiles with UP icons are “Unreal Persons”
  • Profiles with ON icons are “Real Personalities Online”
  • Profiles with OFF icons are “Real Personalities Offline”

If an icon is red, it is not likely to get a response from the profile, but if the icon is colored green, it is very likely.

During our time on the site, we came across many “Unreal Personalities.” So much so we quickly found ourselves asking, “Is Spdate real?”

To add to the uncertainty of whether Spdate com legit or not, there is a large number of ads, including intrusive pop-up ads. The ads are everywhere and can really take away from the browsing experience. 

Be careful not to click on any of the pop ups when trying to close them. Clicking on them will redirect you to a different site. 

As far as the quality of the profiles, they were lacking a great deal of personal information. But let’s not forget that this site is about casual hookups and flirting, not meaningful, long-term relationships. The need for personal info on the profiles is not all that necessary.are Instead, Spdate is all about sharing photos, and the photos shared on this dating site show off nearly bare users and makes for some fun browsing.

Spdate Features

We were pretty disappointed with the number of bots and ads on the site, though we were intrigued by one of the main Spdate features. 

Like many other dating sites available today, Spdate offers users the ability to save profiles to a favorites list, to like other people's profiles (and send them an alert to let them know), have live chats, send messages and browse through profiles with a large selection of filters.

Users will also have access to a ‘Discovery’ page where they will have a view of all of the photos they have recently liked on other members' profiles,and a Top-Users page where all of the top profiles are displayed.

The one feature that really caught our I was the ‘Sex Request’ button. ‘Sex Request’ takes you directly to the site’s unique adult content. There users can pour through steamy videos and photos.

Spdate Mobile App

There is a Spdate messages app available where users can continue their exchanges with other members when away from the desktop.

The apps interface is almost identical to the browser version and  gives you access to all of the same features, including live chat and ‘Sex Request’. However, just like the browser version of the site, the app is riddled with ads, including ads that show up in your inbox.

Membership & Payment Methods

Registration to Spdate is free, as is access to most of the site’s features. Some of the features available for free allow users to browse through photo albums and profiles, chat, and send messages. 

However, if you want a few perks, including a list of the most active users and unlimited photo gallery views, a one-month subscription is available for $39.99 a month. That’s much more expensive than other dating sites that offer more special features, have no bots, and no ads. 

The site accepts payments by Visa, Mastercard; Maestro or Discover.

Security & Anti-Scam

As we mentioned earlier, we found ourselves asking, “Is Spdate legit?” from the get-go, and even after a good deal of time spent on the site, we still were not sure. 

Finally, we came to the conclusion that as far as credit card fraud was concerned, the site was safe to use as it uses SSL encryption.

However, there are just too many pop-up ads for sketchy sites that are tricky to close down. It definitely had us on alert, and was outrageously annoying.

It’s also worth noting that new users should be wary of the User Agreement terms. If you read it carefully, you will discover that by becoming a member to the site, you are giving ownership of all photos or content used on the site to Spdate, who can then use said content however they please. Perhaps our money is not being stolen, but seeing as many people do not read user agreements before joining, this feels like a scam to us!

Customer Service

To test out the site’s customer service team, we reached out with a few questions about bot profiles. There is no Customer Support Chat available on the site. All users are directed to contact customer support at [email protected].

We waited a few hours to get a response to our email, so it’s probably not likely that you will be getting a fast response if an issue is to occur. Nevertheless, the customer support team was able to explain how to decipher which profiles were bots, and which are not (explained above), and why they chose to use bots in the first place.

Their contact section makes note that if any issues with refunds were to arise, that you contact them using the same mail address and include evidence supporting your claim or request. 

Is Spdate Legit? 

Although this site does indeed have a number of real profiles to browse through and interact with, there were just too many bot profiles to consider it a legit dating site. 

We don’t doubt that users can find matches for casual fun, but it’s unlikely as the bots seem to outnumber the profiles of real users. Overwhelmingly so! As soon as registration was complete we were bombarded with messages from “bot” users, as well as ads under the disguise of new messages.

However, if you like the idea of exchanging flirt and erotic messages with bots, then give it a try! 

As mentioned earlier, access to many of the site’s features is free, but we find the monthly subscription price to be rather high, and not really worth our money. 

Overall, this is not a dating site that we will be eager to recommend to others, there are just too many other quality dating sites that bring together real users to connect with.



What kind of site is SPdate?

SPdate is an adult dating site where you can find partners for casual sex, friends with benefits, or no-strings-attached relationships. This is a strictly 18+ platform where you can browse other profiles, chat with them, send photos, and send fuck requests. On SPdate, you can arrange a date with the person you like and talk through your meeting details. You can find locals ready to meet you for sex either while you're in your hometown or while you travel to spice up your trip and gain some local hookup experience.

How can you reach out to a person on SPdate?

On SPdate, you don't have many communication tools. The only way is the chat room. You can simply reach out to any person you like by clicking on the "Message" button below each profile photo. Plus, you can message a girl you liked while playing the match game in the Discovery section. You'll see a message pop up below their profile pictures as well. If you want to find a person you've already talked to and chat with them once again, go to your chat section and communicate with anyone you've talked to before from there.

How to send pictures in chat on SPdate?

When you enter a chat with someone you liked, there'll be an "Upload photo" option. You can upload a picture from your computer or phone gallery if you're using the platform from your smartphone.

How to verify your age on SPdate?

You don't have to verify your profile on SPdate. However, you'll need to be over 18 years old to use the website. When you register a profile, you'll be asked to state your age and there are no "below 18" options.

How to search contacts on SPdate?

If you want to find new matches on SPdate, you can either play the Match game in the Discovery section or simply go to the site's home page and surf through recommended profiles. You can have a look at their photos, join a chat with them, and add the ones you liked the most to your contacts list. There are no extra tools that can facilitate your search, so you'll only have to browse through random accounts and pick the nicest ones on your own.

How to unsubscribe from SPdate?

If you want to unsubscribe from SPdate website updates or no longer want to receive email notifications about any interaction with your profile, go to Settings. There, choose "Notifications" and untick all the boxes. All the changes will be saved automatically, and you won't receive any new mail from SPdate anymore. You can also delete your profile by clicking on "Delete Profile" in your profile settings. This will remove all your contacts, personal information, and profile interactions from your page, and it won't show up in the search results anymore.

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