Badoo Review [Oct 2023]

  • Updated on: April 06th, 2024


What is and Who is it Best for?

Badoo is a free dating platform for young singles in their late teens and 20s looking for casual or long-lasting relationships. Popular amongst young crowds in cities across the European Union, the Badoo website was created in 2006 and quickly grew its membership year after year. As of 2023, the dating site reports they have over 12 million members, with up to 60,000 of them active on the website and Badoo app on any given day.

Although the site is popular amongst a younger crowd, is welcoming to all ages, genders, and sexual orientations.

Pros and Cons of Badoo App

Badoo Pros

  • You can contact others for free
  • Impressive amount of active users
  • Photo verification

Badoo Cons

  • Limited search features with a free account
  • Majority of users are based in the European Union
  • Communication is only free if you match

How Badoo Works

After signing up to you’ll immediately be presented with various profile photos of possible matches from your area. If you’re attracted to the person in the picture, you can “like” it by clicking on the “heart” button at the bottom of the photo. If you are not attracted to the person presented, click on the “X.”

When you “like” someone, they will then be presented with your photo in a presentation of people in their area. If they “like'' you in return, you’re free to browse their profile and communicate with them. As you will learn more about further down in this Badoo review, there is an upgrade available that allows you to communicate with whoever you wish - no match required.

Badoo Sign Up Requirements

Badoo Sign Up Requirements

You can sign up for Badoo with,

  • Email
  • Google
  • Facebook

Once you’ve landed on you’ll be prompted to open your own account by sharing a valid email address or signing in using your Facebook account or phone number. Once one of these three has been shared, you’re on to step two of the process, where you share your gender (12 to choose from), your first name, and birthdate.

On the third step of sign-up, you’ll share two photos of yourself before moving on with your registration. Once the photos are saved, it’s time to validate your email address by clicking on the link sent to the inbox attached to the email used for registration. Once validated, you’ll be redirected to the Badoo dating app, where you can complete your profile.

You will be asked to write an introduction of yourself, as well as information on marital status, smoking, and drinking habits, and much more. The entire sign-up process can take 10-15 minutes, depending on how much information you wish to share.

Does Badoo App Have Photo Verification?


After filling out your Badoo dating app profile, you will need to verify your photo by allowing the camera, either on your desktop, mobile, or tablet, to take a live photo of you to compare with your shared profile photos. If the images match, your photo is verified.

Badoo Review of Design and Usability

Badoo is designed for your phone. Although the Badoo website is accessible from your desktop, its format and display are that of a mobile app, similar to the restrictive layout of Instagram from your desktop.

Badoo Review of Design and Usability

It’s a minimal design that relies primarily on the photos of Badoo users and the classic “swipe” game that has become so commonplace for dating sites today. In fact, rather than landing on your homepage when you open your Badoo dating app, you are presented with a variety of profile photos to “like” or “dislike,” as we explained earlier in this Badoo review.

The overall design is sleek, modern, and easy to navigate thanks to its 4 icon navigation board located at the bottom of the screen and its use of gradient purple from a soft lavender to a dark purple.

Badoo Dating App Profile Quality

The Badoo app’s dating profiles offer a refreshing layout to many dating websites you may find online today. Rather than following a standard profile layout, priority is put on the user's photos. As you scroll through a user's profile, you receive information about the person after each photo you pass.

Some profiles have more information than others, but on every profile, you can expect to find an introduction to themselves, as well as:

  • Relationship status
  • The type of relationship they are in search of
  • Desire for children (or how many they may have)
  • Drinking and smoking habits
  • Height
  • Education
  • Age
  • Religion
  • Horoscope sign

If you are interested in what you find on their profile, hit the “like” button, if they also “like” what they find on your profile, you are free to interact with one another.

Badoo Dating App Features


As you will likely see mentioned in other Badoo reviews, the website keeps it simple by offering a handful of features, all designed to get you closer to your perfect match.

Some of the free Badoo app features you will find are:

  • Encounters: This is a page devoted to presenting you with possible matches based on the information shared on your profile.
  • Profile Score: This score rates how likely you will receive interest from other users and is based on how complete your profile is.
  • Search: Search for possible matches using filters such as custom age range, location, height, sexuality, horoscope, lifestyle, and more. However, there is a limit to the amount of filters you can use at one time using a free Badoo account.
  • Chats: Jump into new chats with users who have “liked” your profile.

Badoo Premium Pricing & Payment Options

Badoo Premium Pricing & Payment Options

If you’re looking for more from this dating service, Badoo offers additional features to purchase that are accessible using coins or by subscribing to Badoo Premium or Premium Plus.

With Badoo Premium, users can:

  • Use unlimited search filters
  • Find out who has liked you
  • See who has added you to their favorites list
  • Search profiles“incognito”
  • Send unlimited likes.

Badoo Premium is available in 6 subscription lengths:

  • 1 day for $3.99
  • 1 week for $7.99
  • 1 month for $25.99
  • 3 months for $31.99 ($10.66/month)
  • 6 months for $47.99 ($8.00/month)
  • Lifetime for $159.99

With Badoo Premium Plus, users benefit from the same advantages as Badoo Premium users plus additional features, such as:

  • Chatting with anyone you please, regardless of matching with them
  • Under “last vote” if you vote “No” in encounters and change your mind.
  • Invisible mode to browse casually without being noticed.
  • An “Extra Show,” which allows users to show further up atop search results
  • A “Crush” Signal that you can share directly with any profile to let them know that you are interested in them
  • Access to “Read Receipts” so you know who has been reading your messages.

Badoo Premium Pricing & Payment Options

There are four subscription options for Badoo Premium Plus:

  • 1 week for $19.99
  • 1 month for $39.99
  • 3 months for $79.99 ($26.66/month)
  • 6 months for $119.99 ($20.00/month)

In addition to the Premium and Premium Plus options, users can access any of these additional features with the use of coins. For example, you can send a message to anyone you would like for the price of 150 coins.

Badoo Premium Pricing & Payment Options

There are 4 credit bundles available:

  • 100 credits for $4.99
  • 450 credits for $14.99
  • 1350 credits for $34.99
  • 3050 credits for $59.99

As many other authors of Badoo reviews agree, the pricing for the additional features is fairly priced, especially in comparison to competing dating platforms.

Payments on can be made via Google Pay, Paypal, or any major credit card, such as Visa or Mastercard.

Is there a Badoo App?


The Badoo dating app is available to download for free for both iOS and Android devices. As you may have read on other Badoo app reviews, the app functions well but suffers from occasional glitches. The Badoo app mirrors what users find on its website.

Is Badoo Legit & Safe?

Another common agreement amongst Badoo dating app reviews is that Badoo is not only safe to use but is full of legit profiles. Users of online dating platforms often spend a large amount of time sifting through fake profiles, but due to Badoo’s photo verification system, you don’t have to waste time asking, “Is Badoo legit?” after every log-in.

Badoo Vs. Tinder & Other Dating Apps

Understandably, Badoo has many similarities when compared to Tinder, so what makes Badoo a better choice?

Badoo’s features give its users the ability to search for possible matches more precisely with its large variety of search filters. Many Badoo dating app users also share that they feel Badoo has stronger security features than Tinder and find the selection of profiles on Badoo to be more authentic.

Final Thoughts: Is Badoo a Good Dating App?


The Badoo dating app is currently not very popular in the U.S.A., with little profiles to choose from in major cities like New York and Los Angeles. However, if you reside within the European Union, is a great place for single adults ages 18-35 to try out.

How to Delete Badoo Account

Deleting your Badoo account is fast and easy. Simply head over to your profile page and click on the “Settings” icon. On the drop-down menu, select “Account”. On the bottom of this page, select “Delete My Account”.

You’ll then be asked to confirm deleting your account or choose from a list of alternative actions, such as hiding your account for a short period of time, switching off notifications, signing out, or clearing all messages and profile visits for a chance to start from zero again.

If you still wish to cancel your account, select “Delete your account” once again and choose from a selection of pre-formed “reasons” for deleting your Badoo app account.



What is chat?

Chats on the Badoo app allow users who match the ability to send each other instant messages or even video chat.

How to delete Badoo account?

To delete your Badoo app account, go to your profile and select “account.” Then, click on “Delete my account,” confirm your choice, and provide a reason for your Badoo dating app’s deletion.

Who is Badoo for?

Badoo is open to all adults 18 and older, as well as all genders and sexual orientations. However, the dating app is mostly popular with singles aged between 18-35 who reside within the European Union.

Is Badoo in the U.S.A.?

Yes, Badoo is active in select cities in the U.S.A., such as Los Angeles and New York. However, the Badoo user base in these locations is much less than what is available in European cities.

Is Badoo free to use?

Yes, Sign up to Badoo is free, as is the chat feature for users who “match” together. Additional Badoo features are available with coins or a Premium or Premium Plus subscription.

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