Fuckswipe Review - One Night Stand in the Palm of Your Hand

  • Updated on: May 12th, 2024


Pros and Cons


  • Search Engine with an abundance of unique filters
  • Plenty of features including access to adult entertainment
  • 3-day trial period of Gold membership available for new users
  • Social Scores are given to each member and are based on their interactions


  • There is no mobile app available to download
  • Members must have a paid membership to send and receive messages
  • A significant amount of fake profiles can be found on the site

What is FuckSwipe?

Is FuckSwipe real? That’s one of the first questions that come to mind for many when they first land on this site. But this site is real and has been slowly gaining popularity over the past few years.

Now in 2023, the FuckSwipe dating site has over 5 million users across the United States, with most profiles made up of individuals that range from 25-30 years of age. The site is always buzzing with energy and, on average, has close to 50,000 members online at any given moment. As one would imagine, users on this site have one thing on their minds, and they are not shy about sharing it with others. The title of the site says it all!

Sign-up Process

As similar to other hookup sites, the sign-up process is fast, easy, and over in under two minutes.

FuckSwipe Sign-up Process

First, new users will be asked to create a unique password for their usernames. Second, you’ll be asked to share information on your sex, age, body type, and location. And lastly, you’ll be asked to verify your email address before being granted access to your homepage.

Not surprisingly, you’ll also be asked to add a profile picture of yourself once you're officially logged on. However, adding a photo is not necessary to browse through the site, nor is adding additional information, such as an introduction, to your profile.

But just because it is not required does not mean you should skip it. It is always advisable to fill out your profile, regardless of what type of dating platform you may find yourself on. People with a complete profile are 10x more likely to find matches.

Fuckswipe Website Usability

Although the site’s interface is simple, it feels a bit crowded due to the many site features (more on that further down in this FuckSwipe review).

On your homepage, you’ll be shown profiles of possible matches in your area. On the left of the screen, you’ll find a navigation menu that gives you access to your message inbox, your recent activity (likes, favorites, comments, etc.), and quick links to some of the site’s features.

At the top of the page is a navigation bar that gives you access not only to your profile and message box but pages dedicated to your notifications, a glimpse at the people who are currently online, the Scoreboard, XXX Videos, Live cams, and search engine.

FuckSwipe Profile Quality

Now, as many Fuck Swipe reviews mention, this platform is full of profiles that share tempting photos of themselves. The images can be so racy you may find yourself wondering is FucksSwipe a legit site or not. Once you’ve been drawn to click on one of the sexy images, you’ll find a profile that often shares additional photos and only a few lines of information about the person. Some profiles have photo galleries, though these are not accessible without a premium membership.

Every profile page displays a person’s Social Score. These scores are generated according to ratings other members left following interactions. This works as a form of social validation. If two people meet for a hookup and have a great time, they can leave a good score for each other that alerts other members that these people are a solid choice to connect with.

FuckSwipe Profile Qualitys

You don’t have to meet up in person to leave a social score, either. Social scores can be given after interactions on the platform. Every user's activity on the site is transparent, and members can easily access a trace of each other's comments, shared photos, etc.

Perhaps you have already come across another review on FuckSwipe that makes mention of a profile with the name Love Star (LS). This is the site’s bot and is designed to get members interacting with one another. The platform administrators do not try to pass Love Star off as a real profile but rather make it obvious to everyone that she’s a sort of digital mascot for the site. You’ll see her pop up in your inbox and leave comments on site members' newly posted photos.

FuckSwipe Features

As mentioned previously, the platform has a variety of features that not only help members to find hookups but provide entertainment for them as well.

The site provides access to Live cam shows, XXX videos, and chat rooms. The site also offers intelligent match detection, the possibility to upload unlimited amounts of photos or video and to send flirts to one another.

FuckSwipe Features

Live Cam sessions take place with both platform members and professional models. If the XXX videos interest you, you can expect to be redirected to a different website when you click on this feature where you will have access to exclusive photos and videos. If members see someone they are interested in but need an easy icebreaker, they can send a flirt. If the flirt recipient likes what they see in return, they’ll send a flirt back.

If you find yourself pondering the question, “Is FuckSwipe app safe” it’s important to note that there currently is no app available to download.

Membership and Payment Methods

We would not have been able to dig deep into this Fuck Swipe review without paying for a membership. Just about all of the site features require one. The only features accessible without a paid membership are browsing profiles, rating each other, sending flirts, and using the search engine, although users with a free membership are limited to very few filters.

All other site features and functions require a Gold membership. With a Gold membership, site members can access all features.

The prices for a gold membership are:

  • 1 month for $29.95
  • 3 months for $74.95
  • 6 months for $119.70

FuckSwipe Membership and Payment Methods

The site also offers new site members a 3-day Gold membership trial period for $2.97. With this trial, you’ll be able to take the membership for a test drive before deciding if you want to take on a monthly subscription. However, it’s important to note that if you do not wish to continue using the site after the 3-day trial, you must unsubscribe before the 3 days are up, or you will automatically be charged for a full month of membership.

The site accepts payments via major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard.

Is FuckSwipe Legit?

It may be hard to gauge whether this is a legit hookup site, but we certainly believe it is. Despite the obvious fake profiles that site members are sure to encounter, this platform provides members with an energetic sex-charged online community and an easy way to connect with like-minded individuals for steamy hookups.

As with any social site, it is advised that all site members use their best judgment when interacting with others and never disclose personal information, especially pertaining to your finances. If any suspicious or inappropriate behavior occurs, members are asked to report the activity directly to the site administrators so that they can take necessary action.

There are aspects of the site that can certainly improve, such as cleaning up fake profiles, requiring new members to fill out their profiles, and launching a FuckSwipe app. But even without these improvements, we think this dating site is worth your while if you’re looking for sexy exchanges and casual hookups.



Who is FuckSwipe for?

FuckSwipe is a platform for people looking for casual hookups or a sex-driven online community. Most members range from 25-30 years old.

Is FuckSwipe free to use?

Registration and limited features to FuckSwipe are free, though a majority of the site's features, including sending and receiving messages, are only accessible with paid membership.

Is FuckSwipe safe to use?

FuckSwipe is SSL Encrypted and is closely moderated by the platform's administrators. If any suspicious or inappropriate behavior is to occur, it must be reported directly to the site.

Where are FuckSwipe members located?

FuckSwipe members are located in the United States.

Are there any fake accounts on FuckSwipe?

You can expect to find fake profiles on FuckSwipe, and it is asked that members report them to the site’s administrators.

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