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  • Updated on: April 07th, 2024


Pros and Cons


  • All photos are verified by the site’s administrators.
  • All Features are Free
  • Live Chat w/ Video


  • No App available
  • 12 photo limit on profiles

What is Fabswingers.com

Fabswingers.com is an online dating website dedicated to connecting couples who love to swing. The site was created in 2006 by a swinging couple who wanted a space where other dedicated swingers could come together to share experiences and set up new dates.

With over 200,000 members online daily, the site is a dynamic platform for swinging couples to meet others like them. 

What is Fabswingers.com

The site offers members to make connections online and even helps facilitate meetings in person in several countries across the globe, including the U.S., New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

With its unique registration process and around-the-clock monitoring, FabSwingers is a site committed to providing a high-quality dating service for its members.

FabSwingers Sign-up Process

This  FabSwinging site is dedicated to running a tight ship when it comes to filling the site with authentic members, and it shows in the Sign-Up Process.

Before being granted the possibility to begin the registration process, you must first send in a photo of yourself to be approved by the site administrators.

FabSwingers Sign-up Process

Photo validation is usually done within 6 hours. Once your photo has been approved, you can move on with the rest of the sign-up process, which is pretty straightforward.

New users must give basic information such as their name, username, and email and create a unique password for the site. You will then be asked to provide information on yourself or your couple and what you are looking for. 

For the last step, you must submit another photo of yourself that includes your face and hands while holding up a piece of paper that says FabSwingers.com, along with your Username written at the top. This clever bit of the sign-up process helps to confirm that you are indeed the same person in the original photo you sent in at the start of the registration process.

Once these steps are complete, you are free to start using the site!

FabSwingers Website Design & Usability

Take a look at other FabSwingers Reviews, and you will quickly understand that everyone is underwhelmed by the design of this website. 

Everything from the site logo to its theme colors is dated and far from sexy. New site visitors can easily be turned off from this site if they aren’t tipped about what they will find inside.

FabSwingers Website Design n Usability

Despite being an unattractive interface, it has a clean layout, and it is very easy to navigate.

New site members will find a navigation bar at the top of the page where they can easily get to their profile, account information, and various site features.

On the left of the page, you will find a menu with tabs that help you find various tabs that categorize the other members of the site, which helps you easily find the type of connection you are looking for.

FabSwingers Profile Quality

FabSwingers is a site that is dedicated to quality interactions between authentic swingers. Their sign-up process allows the site’s administrators to have a look at every person who signs up and verifies that it is truly them in real-time.

Because of this, the profiles on FabSwingers are top-notch, and you’ll hear the same from any FabSwinger com review. There are no fake accounts and no bots. Members can easily lose a few hours browsing profiles that contain a fair bit of information about other members' interests and desires. 

A dating site full of profiles that actually share information is always a sign of a quality dating site.

The FabSwingers website has over 200,000 daily users sharing new photos, opening new threads in the forum, and contributing to the creation of a fun and fast-moving platform where FabSwingers hookup.

FabSwingers Features

FabSwingers Features

Perhaps you may have read on another FabSwingers dating review that the site is free to use. 

Indeed, registration and site features are free to use, though there are a couple of paid options available, which we will get to in a moment.

Members of FabSwinger have free access to the search engine, chat feature, forums, and photo galleries. 

The site also gives free access to their hotlist, where you can find all of the most popular members under the spotlight.

As mentioned in other FabSwingers dating reviews, the site’s most popular feature is ‘Meet Today”. This feature is free to use for all members 72 hours after registration is complete and allows members to find others to meet up with for fun hookups.

There truly is no feature on the platform that requires a credit card to access. The site is 100% free to use. Fab Swinger.com is able to keep access to the site free by using ads throughout the site.

If you find ads disruptive, you can buy a membership and have access to the site ad-free! 

For members who want to give monetary support to the website, your contributions are greatly appreciated and will earn you a badge placed at the top of your profile that alerts other members of your goodwill.

FabSwingers Mobile App

There is no FabSwingers App available for this site. This is not surprising.

The look of the site lets you know that keeping things modern and technologically current is not a priority to the site’s administrators. Rather, their priority is to run a dynamic online dating platform filled with authentic members.

For those of you who do a good part of your searches and communication on your mobile phone, you’ll be happy to know that the mobile version of the site is clean and speedy and works similarly to an app.

Safety & Security

The Safety & Security of FabSwinger community members is of the utmost importance to the site’s administrators. They have made a promise to never share any of your private data. In addition to this promise, FabSwingers uses peer verification. This peer verification process helps to ensure that site members are real-life people with a genuine interest in swinging.

New members can be verified by already verified members who have met them in person or through video exchanges.

In addition to the unique registration process and peer verification, site administrators regularly monitor the site looking for suspicious or inappropriate behavior.

Pricing & Benefits

As mentioned before, access to the site is absolutely free. The only paid feature on this site is the ability to use the platform ad-free. 

Many of us find banner and pop-up ads distracting, and FabSwingers gives you the option to have them disappear. Users have the option of buying ad-free access for $8. This $8 will keep ads away for 2 months, and users can renew the access indefinitely. 

As mentioned earlier, the site appreciates all donations that users may give. All site members who give a donation will have a badge placed at the top of their profile.

Is FabSwingers worth it? 

When you visit the FabSwingers website, there’s a message to all visitors that is hard to miss: “Free Swinging Site: Put away your credit card!”

We’re used to these sorts of claims on sites that allow free registration but keep most site access locked up without a paid membership. It’s for this reason that we signed up for the site expecting to be blocked off from certain features without having to take out our credit cards. A completely free-swinging site with over 200,000 daily users sounds too good to be true! 

Is FabSwingers worth it

But swingers, rejoice! Fabswingers stays true to its claim, and users can access all features of the site absolutely free. Of course, this comes at the cost of being distracted by a slew of ads. For many, this is not an issue, and for the ones who do take issue with the ads, they can pay for ad-free access at a very reasonable price.

After a bit of time on this site, it was obvious to us that the site’s administrators are focused on creating and maintaining a quality dating platform where swingers can come together and find new partners for fun and friendly hookups. 

Their commitment to keeping the site free of bots and fake profiles through the use of their clever and effective registration and validation process is refreshing and sends the message that users can confidently make connections with authentic community members.

If you’re looking for a fun and fast-paced online fab swinging site, FabSwingers is absolutely worth your while.



Is FabSwingers really free to use?

Yes, this site is 100% percent free.

Does FabSwingers have ads placed on the website?

Yes, FabSwinngers has ads placed throughout the website. These ads help bring in the funds needed to keep it running and accessible free of charge to all users.

Are there any paid features on FabSwingers?

The only paid feature available on FabSwingers is the option to access the site ad-free.

Is my personal data protected on FabSwingers?

Yes, FabSwingers protects your personal data and promises to never use it off of the site.

Is FabSwingers full of fake profiles?

No, the unique registration process ensures that profiles are made by real people. No bots or fakes are allowed.

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