What Are The Real Goals Of Free Casual Dating And How To Achieve Them?

Have you ever thought about what goals do you chase while visiting some free adult websites? Of course, you want to have a well spent night. But there are several stages separating you from this goal. And by contacting a woman online you build the bridges. If you are lucky, you find a perfect partner there. But it is impossible without going through several stages we have to talk about now.

You Try To Have Her Interest

You do it subconsciously, every time you send a message. Remember that thrill you feel when you wait for her answer? The question if she will reply to you or not becomes the most important for you. The main goal for you is to create an emotional connection between you two from the very first texts. It’s not an easy task, so if you fail several times don’t worry. It comes with experience, like many other good things in life.

But there is one important piece of advice for you. Never ever start your messaging with “hi! how are you?” It is so dull - the hot chick will never remember you if you text this way. You have to go through her profile and say something about what she likes. For example, compliment her taste in literature or music. But not her body, this is a lame way to start too.

You Try To See If There Will Be A Chemistry

You have her interest, bravo! It was hard, but you got lucky and now it’s time to move to the second part. It will be more fun, but still a little tricky. It’s a flirting part. Your main tasks are:

  • grab her attention for as long as you can;
  • make her like you and think about you;
  • not to fall into the creepy behavior.

If you do everything right on this part, you are halfway in a bed with her! At this stage, you both exchange flirty messages and decide if you are worth each other’s time. Please, don’t get to attached to your crush on this stage and don’t imagine the hot sex scenes with her. It's way too early for that, but just right for some hope on chemistry. Be relaxed and interested at the same time. Don’t show that she’s too important to you, but don’t act like you don’t care. Find a balance!

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You Try To Disclose Your Authentic Self To Her

Though you can be anyone on the Internet, don’t put masks on you. On free adult dating sites, girls appreciate the charismatic and naturally charming guys. It’s like everywhere else, so don’t try to seem better as you are. It will be best if you could show your positive sides by emphasizing them. Not by creating another identity that will be better than you.

For example, if you are a middle-class worker, don’t pretend that you are a millionaire. Any relationship that starts with a lie never ends up with something good. You better emphasize on your hobbies or on your character. Be your relaxed and feeling-good self, and everything will be just fine.

You Try To Ensure Her That She Will Be Safe With You

In any social interactions, women feel more insecure than males. It’s a fact, and you need to accept it. So, imagine yourself in her shoes while you are planning your meeting. It will be best if you arrange your first date in a place that she knows well. Also, the daytime will be preferable. Then you can exchange your phone numbers and plan the awesome nights together! If you do as it said above, you will get her trust which is very helpful if you want to get laid!

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